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Bridge of Hope / Ashton Community Trust

Date Completed: March 2016

Skills/Technologies: WordPress, HTML, PHP, CSS

Info: The Bridge of Hope required a new website that would replace their existing site which had become old and dated. I won the contract for this and set up a number of brainstorming sessions between Irene, Aine and myself to discuss design ideas and the overall content of the site.

The original website was vital for the Bridge of Hope to get their message across to the community and to provide news and updates via articles and photos on the site. Irene wanted to reuse a lot of the content from the original site, but offered me the freedom to give the site a freshen up and bring my ideas to the table. The site was brought up to date by making it more responsive for todays devices. The use of WordPress also made it much easier for Irene, Aine and the other staff members to make updates to the site.

I maintained a very strong working relationship with both Irene and Aine during this project and I still continue to do so, so much that they also asked me to do the work for another project they had called Sante Health.