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Peak Physique – Membership System

Date Completed: November 2014

Skills/Technologies: C#, WPF, SQL CE, Entity Framework, MVVM, NFC

Info: I was asked by a friend who owns a local gym in Ballymena if I could help with building some sort of system that would help him manage his customer payments more easily. At the time was using a notepad to record customers signing in and it was difficult to track when payments were due. He was open to suggestions in terms of how the system would work and stated that it could be something very simple as long as he could track customers payments easily.

My first thoughts were to create a website as it could be easily extended in the future to add more features, however at the time Joel had no Internet access in the gym so this wouldn’t have been feasible. Although Joel was expecting something extremely simple, I wanted to ensure that what we built was going both solve the problem at hand, and be reliable for many years to come.

We decided to go down the route of a WPF application that could be run on his PC in the gym. The app connects to a NFC card reader to read keyfobs that have the customers id stored on them. Once the user signs in, the system will show on screen their information and flag up their membership status, which makes it impossible for Joel to miss anyones membership expiring. There were a number of other extra features that we added to the system that made it a fully fledged membership system including tracking members currently in the gym, member session history and analytics that help track income details.

I believe I exceeded expectations with this system and Joel was very happy with it.